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Fresh Handmade Soba / Class on 19/June

· soba,蕎麦,そば打ち,原宿

English  below"

裏原宿にある蕎麦レストランにて 英語で蕎麦レッスン

集合時間 15:15

東京都渋谷区神宮前1−19−8 原宿ファミリービル

体験の後, 皆様で自分の打ったお蕎麦を食べます。(蕎麦御膳)



Would you like to try fresh handmade soba?

It's a great opportunity for beginners to experience making soba in a casual atmosphere.

Drop by in your spare time between your tours in Tokyo!

Menu (example)
- Soba
- Seasoning (Green onion, dried seaweed, wasabi)
- Dipping sauce ( Dashi, sweetened soy sauce and mirin)
-and so on

-Making soba 1.5-2 hours
- Dinner 1 hour

Location: Harajuku

Meeting time 15:15
Meeting Spot : Mac Donald's (Takeshitaguchi) Near Harajyuku station

東京都渋谷区神宮前1−19−8 原宿ファミリービル

Price : 6,000 yen (with meal)

See you soon....♪

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